3 Mistakes of the First Time Home Buyers

Buying a home is a big investment

Doing your research, taking your time and making sure you know what you are buying into can help prevent problems and surprises down the line. There are two major mistakes that many homeowners make when they are looking to buy a new – or old – home: not having their own realtor and skipping the inspection.

Finding a home in Colorado is easy. Our state is filled with gorgeous, historical homes surrounded by gorgeous scenery from the Rocky Mountains to a home, home on the range. But old homes, with all their charms, can come with a long list of problems. Before you buy that ranch style home in a quiet mountain town make sure you do some research so you can make an informed decision.

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First, you should find your own realtor. The sellers realtor is looking out for the seller. They want to sell the home. Of course they are there to answer your questions truthfully, but if you don’t know what questions to ask, the seller’s agent isn’t going to offer up information. Getting a buyer’s agent will know what to ask regarding the home and help you negotiate the price.

Second, even with a buyer’s agent at your side, you’ll want to conduct your own home inspection. Your home may look good on the outside, but for homes with stucco, EIFS, stone and other types of cladding systems, you’ll want a specialist to dig a little deeper. Signs of moisture problems and other faults in your stucco installation may not be obvious. A stucco inspection specialist can look underneath the surface to see if your cladding is failing, improperly installed or allowing water to penetrate, rotting the wood in your walls.

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Before you sign on that dotted line, make sure you are making an informed decision. Hire your own buyers agent and your own inspection specialist.

Not being present during the inspection is the final big mistake of many homeowners. No matter how reputable the inspector or the agent or the sellers, you always want to be present so that you can ask questions and get the information directly from the inspection specialist, and not from the inspection report.

We specialize in stucco inspections for private residents, commercial buildings, and work alongside realtors from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, the Front Range and Mountain Communities like Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge and more. We’ve helped potential homeowners across the state of Colorado make smart, informed decisions before closing on their dream home.