Go House Hunting in the Fall and Winter

Summer and spring are a seller’s market;
fall and winter are a buyer’s market

Most people go house hunting in the spring and summer. The weather is pleasant and homes look better bathed in warmth and sunlight. But, don’t discount the winter months as a great time to buy a home. Usually, sellers are more desperate to sell, and there is much less competition. So, if you’re looking to get your dream home, start looking now.

Inspecting your Colorado home before closing

Winter is a great time to see how a new home will hold up against moisture.

It’s cold; it’s dark, and it’s wet. No one wants to start moving now. That is exactly why you should! You’ll be one of the few. Finding your dream home in the winter may also give you a leg up on price negotiation. A seller is more motivated in the winter, and fewer buyers are stopping by with offers, so you’re more likely to get your offer accepted.

Less competition from other home buyers in the winter

Seeing you home in the winter will give you unique insight into how weather proof your home is. When you walk through the home, walk near windows and notice if you feel a draft. Are the floors freezing cold? Does the heating system work?

You can also check for moisture issues. This is the season for a lot of moisture. Rain,  hail, sleet and snow could cause water damage to a vulnerable home. Make sure there aren’t signs of moisture and mold sneaking into the home from the outside. Don’t just trust your own naked eye. Don’t get so excited about the prospect of getting a good deal that you forget to get a professional inspection of your home.

Inspect the exterior of your Colorado home before closing it up for the winter

Buying a home in the winter give you unique insight into how the house will hold up against snow, sleet and extreme Colorado weather.

Your real estate agent has less work in the winter

Finally, due to the lack of work in the wintertime, your real estate agent will be more motivated to work for you and get you a good deal. And, you’ll have their full attention – or the majority – since there are fewer people looking for homes in the winter.

Don’t miss out on your dream home just because you wanted to wait until summer to buy. Chances are, there will be a lot of others who want you dream home as well. Cut out the competition and purchase your home in the winter.