Finding Moisture Issues and Stone Siding Installation Flaws

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Stone siding has all the same installation problems that stucco has. Get an inspectin and make sure your siding has been installed correctly and is working to protect your home, not inviting moisture and mold.

A few years back, perhaps the hottest new accessory to a home or business was adding a little stone siding to add a little country to a building. The problems with this siding is the same old story: poor installation. It’s amazing how a great product can be ruined by sloppy installation practices, but unfortunately we see this all the time. If you’re looking to buy a home with stone siding, don’t forget to get an independent exterior inspection.

Stone siding – or masonry veneer – can give your Colorado home or business that mountain, country, cabin feel. Unfortunately, it also has some problems when it comes to moisture intrusion. Just like stucco, if the installation is poor, any siding will be susceptible to moisture and mold.

The only way to find out if your stone siding – or stucco siding – is failing or poorly installed is to get a thorough inspection by a stucco and stone siding expert. You won’t believe how many shortcuts we have seen causing your sidings to fail.

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Swift Inspections are experts in stucco, EIFS and stone. Call for a complete exterior home inspection and catch moisture issues before they cause too much damage.

Stone siding can have similar problems to stucco if installed incorrectly

Take a look around your home and see if you spot any of these installation failures and shortcuts that could be causing your siding to fail:

Is your masonry work buried in the dirt, or in direct contact with any hard surface like concrete? Any siding should be kept between 2”-4” above soil and hard surfaces so that it doesn’t soak up ground water.

When two types of siding meet there should be a sealant in place between the two materials preventing moisture intrusion. Not having this sealed gap between materials is commonly overlooked.

Speaking of sealant, all vents from your laundry room, kitchens and bathrooms should also be protected by a sealant and not just burried in the stone siding.

It’s little things like taking the time to install proper flashing, sealing the right places, and most importantly, proper installation of your siding that can  be the difference between a water resistant home and a mold infested home. It’s is also the difference between simple maintenance costs and expensive moisture repairs.


Get an inspection of your exterior siding to make sure it has been installed correctly and is not allowing mold to grow.

Get a complete exterior inspection of your stone siding, stucco or EIFS home

For a complete exterior inspection of your stone sidings, trust the team at Swift. We are experts when it comes to stucco, EIFS and stone cladding systems. If there’s a problem, we’ll find it. We have the expertise to check all visible flaws, as well as detect installations flaws deep inside your walls.

We’ve been inspecting residential and commercial building for moisture issues, structural damage, stucco, EIFS and stone siding damage, improper window installation, etc. If your home or commercial space isn’t working optimally, do yourself a favor and get an inspection so that you can get to the root of the problem.

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