Common Issues and Concerns with Stucco Installation

You’d think that since stucco has been around since Ancient Greece that we would have all figured out how to install it properly. Unfortunately, not all stucco installations are created equal, and we’ve seen too many corners cut in our many years of stucco inspections. If you are unsure about the state of your stucco, EIFS and stone, take a moment to talk to us. An inspection can ease your mind, or help you find problem areas before they become real problems. Don’t wait until the problem is obvious to schedule an inspection. The sooner you find poorly installed stucco systems, the sooner you can fix them – and at a much lower cost.

Stucco inspection

Swift has the tools and the expertise to inspect your exterior stucco or EIFS systems.

Things that can go wrong with stucco installations

Once your one-coat or three-coat stucco system has been installed, unless you followed the whole process step by step, there is no way of knowing if that system was installed correctly. Everything that is genius about one-coat and three-coat stucco systems is hidden from view and you just have to trust that the system is working for you, not against you. Most home and business owners do not realize that there is a problem until it is too late. Let’s look at some common one-coat and three-coat stucco cladding installation issues and concerns.

1. Stucco sand becomes contaminated with native soil

new stucco

Swift Inspections has been inspecting and fixing moisture issues due to damaged or improperly installed stucco, EIFS and stone for over 30 years.

This can lead to cracking and poor hydration

2. Stucco cracking pre and post-construction

Stress and vibrations caused by construction after the stucco is applied can cause cracking. If there is a lack of expansion and control joins your stucco is at great risk of cracking due to unnecessary stress put on the stucco system.

3. Water intrusion

We’ve said this before; improper flashing and drainage is the number one concern with stucco installations. More often than not, this is the reason that you have moisture issues and water damage. Horizontal surfaces are the most exposed to standing water and should be waterproofed

Schedule an inspection of your stucco, EIFS and stone cladding systems

If you are buying, selling or unsure of the state of your Colorado home or commercial space, talk to Swift about an inspection. When it comes to your home, staying ahead of the problem is the best thing you can do. If you wait until you see visible signs of stucco, EIFS and stone failure – like water intrusion and large cracks – the repairs might already be very costly. Ignoring the problems with your home is never a good option. We’ve been inspecting residential and commercial spaces in the Front Range and Mountain communities for decades, and our skill and work ethics are unparalleled. We won’t steer you wrong, and we’ll never cut corners. If there are problems with your one-coat or three-coat stucco cladding systems, we’ll find it and let you know the best way to fix it. In the event of major reconstruction, we’ll refer you to the best reconstruction company in Colorado – Metro Reconstruction. But first we need to find the problem, so we’ll know what is required to fix it. Don’t wait, schedule your inspection today!