What Do You Really Know About the State of Your Home?

Schedule an exterior inspection before you sell

When you buy a house, you get an inspection before closing. If you’re selling a house, you most likely sit in dread waiting to hear what the inspector comes back with, praying that it won’t be a deal breaker for the potential buyers. Don’t stay up all night worrying about the inspection – get ahead of the game and schedule a full exterior inspection before you put your house in the market.

Why sellers should schedule their own exterior home inspection

Stucco inspection

Swift has the tools and the expertise to inspect your exterior stucco or EIFS systems.

Knowing more about the state of your home before putting it on the market can save you sleepless nights and unrealistic expectations. It’s a competitive market out there; most sellers will leave the inspection to the potential buyers and will stress and worry when the reports reveal hidden flaws and pricey repairs. All of a sudden, the home you assumed would be a dream to sell has become a seller’s nightmare. If you know that the inspection can make or break a sale, why wait to find out from a buyer? Besides simply being informed about the state of your exterior, there are numerous benefits to scheduling your own inspection.

  1. moisture intrusion

    Leaks and moisture buildup are the silent killers in any home. Don’t wait for the buyer to find problems with your home. Get an inspection by Swift before putting your home on the market.

    When that potential buyer comes by, you can be upfront and realistic with the buyers about the state of your home. They’ll find out anyway when they schedule their own inspection, so why not build up some trust by being up front with your own inspection findings? And if you get a thumbs up from your exterior inspection, even better. You can now reassure the potential buyer of the quality of your home, not just guess, cross your fingers and hope you’re right.

  2. If you wait for the buyer to complete an inspection and they come back with several problems, you are now backed into a corner and have to make a quick decision about whether to fix it or reduce your asking price. If you schedule your own inspection before putting the house on the market, you’ll have more time to shop around for a good repair deal and treatment options. Before you put the house on the market, what you decide to fix and not to fix is up to you. If you wait for the buyer, you are stuck having to find a solution that works for both you and the buyer. This will most likely end up costing you more.
  3. If you decide not to fix certain flaws, at least you are aware of the problem. So when the buyer starts negotiating, you will be prepared and have a negotiation strategy in place.
  4. Scheduling an exterior inspection will help you avoid having to repair things more than once. You may see a few cracks in your stucco and think “easy, I can fix that”, only to find out that that little crack is due to the faulty installation of your entire stucco system. What looks small on the outside can prove to be a big problem on the inside if moisture has been allowed to creep into your home. A pre-inspection can answer all of your questions and let you put your house on the market with a clear conscience and realistic expectations.

Specialized exterior and stucco inspections for Colorado homes

Swift Inspections, Inc. specializes in all types of exterior inspections including stucco, EIFS, stone, windows, etc. With over 30 years of experience in the stucco industry, we are highly experienced in our specialized field. We service the entire state of Colorado including Mountain Communities. We work alongside civil and structural engineers, and we have top-of-the line technology to detect any moisture problems behind the stucco system. If there is fault with the exterior of your home, we will find it and tell you the best way to fix. Expedited services are available within 24 hours, when requested! For more information or to schedule an exterior inspection, call us at 303-875-5843.