Don’t Skip the Inspection Before Buying Your Home

Buying a house is one of the biggest and most important decisions in a person’s life. After all, this is where you are going to build a life and maybe even, raise a family. You want to make an informed decision and that means spending a little extra up front, to save you from spending a lot in the future. Swift Inspections can help buyers, (and realtors) by inspecting a house before purchase and letting you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Property inspection

Before closing on your dream home, call Swift Stucco Inspections and exterior home inspection and repair estimate.

A complete home inspection is worth the extra cost

When you’ve found the perfect house and the seller has accepted your offer it is natural to get excited and start thinking about furniture and decorating. But don’t get ahead of yourself and don’t let emotion dictate your purchase. Do yourself a favor and call in a professional to inspect your home before you sign over that check. At Swift Inspections in addition to complete exterior inspections, you can send us your home inspection report and we have certified contractors who can provide you with a quick written and professional estimate of repair costs before closing on your home. It’s not enough that you turned on all the faucets in the house to check the water pressure, or flicked a few light switches. The Swift inspector will physically inspect the property from the chimney to the foundation, and will assess the condition and proper installation of various systems including gutters, siding, stucco/EIFS, windows, ETC,  to identify any trouble areas. If there is a problem with your home, like hidden moisture and mold we’ll find it and tell you. Hiring an independent inspector will give the buyer peace of mind that we are working for you, and we won’t leave any stone unturned.

Water is the silent enemy of any home

moisture intrusion

Leaks and moisture buildup is the silent killer in any home. Get an inspection by Swift before making a purchase.

Leaks and moisture control is one of the number one issues with a home. At first glance, it can be easy to overlook as it hides in walls and crevices. Our inspectors are experts in all types of moisture issues. If you house has a leak, we’ll find it.

Stucco inspection specialists

The great thing about hiring Swift Inspections to inspect your home before closing, is that we specialize in the complete exterior including Stucco and EIFS. Many potential homeowners do not realize that getting your stucco/EIFS inspected requires its own specialist. When stucco is applied, the most important aspect is the moisture barrier and the flashing system. Unfortunately, many ignore the detailed instructions by stucco and EIFS manufacturers, leaving your home vulnerable to water damage. Contact Swift before purchasing a stucco or EIFS home to ensure you making the best investment.

Complete exterior inspections for Colorado and Mountain Communities


Servicing the entire state of Colorado – including Mountain Communities. Trust us your Stucco, EIFS and exterior home inspections.

Call Swift to inspect you stucco and your the exterior of your home before purchase. We will make sure all systems are properly applied and installed to protect your home from water damage, moisture and mold, and other problems. We have been specializing in all types of exterior inspections and have been servicing the entire state of Colorado – including Mountain Communities – for over 30 years. Trust Swift Inspections with your home inspection before purchasing the house of your dreams.