Painting Your Stucco Exterior Walls

Once you’re ready to paint your first step is to apply a primer. Not only will this give a clean canvas for whatever color you choose, but primer also has the additional function of adding a layer of protection to your exterior walls. Without the primer, your stucco walls could start to draw extra moisture from the paint and warp the color of your walls.

A good masonry primer will also seal up any tiny cracks in the stucco, preventing moisture penetration.

Tips to painting exterior stucco walls in Colorado

Use a latex paint that will allow your stucco cladding system to breathe after you have painted your exterior walls.

Getting an even paint application on your stucco walls

To avoid having to use messy paint trays, not to mention the risky move of transferring paint from a 5-gallon bucket into said paint tray, get yourself a roller grid that fits inside the paint bucket. It is the easiest way to remove the excess paint from your roller for a smooth, even application.

Make sure you paint up and down, like a good Karate Kid, and not side to side and all around. Varying your painting strokes in different directions will leave odd streaks and texture on your stucco walls. It will also take longer. If your stucco is already textured, buy a thicker the roller should be to be able to get paint to each part of your wall. You want the roller to do the work for you; you shouldn’t have to put extra pressure to get an even coat.

If you have to push paint into crevices in your stucco, you’ll risk streaking your walls.

Once the primer has dried, only your imagination limits the color of your home. Just make sure you keep it even and smooth.

For windows and doorframes use a paint brush.

Colorado exterior stucco inspection specialists

Never paint over damaged stucco, EIFS, or stone cladding.

NEVER paint over water damaged exterior stucco walls

If you are painting over stained stucco, make sure that stain wasn’t caused by water damage. No matter how nice a paint job you give your home, no amount of primer or paint can solve moisture issues. It may be out of sight, it may be out of mind, but the problem is still lurking somewhere inside your stucco walls wreaking havoc that can be costly and dangerous.

Colorado stucco inspection and installation expert

Don’t try to cover up moisture issues and faulty stucco. Get a professional to inspect it before you start painting. The sooner you get to the root of the problem, the quicker we can find a solution and the less costly it will be to repair.