Invisible Problems with Your Stucco or EIFS Installation

Just because you can’t see any problems with your stucco cladding doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Stucco is a multi-layered system, which means there are multiple ways for your stucco installation to go wrong. In the hands of the wrong person, poorly installed stucco is a recipe for disaster. Expensive, rotten, moldy disaster.

Stucco and EIFS inspections for Colorado homes and businesses

Swift Inspections have been inspecting stucco and EIFS clad homes and businesses throughout Colorado for 30+ years.

Stucco is a durable, weather, and impact resistant siding

Stucco and EIFS are the perfect cladding systems for any Colorado home or business. But the amount of faulty stucco installations that we have seen in our 30+ years of inspecting stucco and EIFS for faults, damage and moisture issues have made us concerned for the many stucco buildings all over Colorado.

The problem with faulty stucco installations is that by the time you notice cracks in your cladding system, the damage is already done and fixing it is extensive and expensive. Worst case scenario, your stucco is allowing water penetration, the interior of your walls are starting to rot, mold is starting to grow, and this invisible problem will continue to spread throughout your home until your only option is a complete rebuild of your building exterior and starting over with a whole new stucco or EIFS installation.

If you are buying a stucco home or business, whether it’s in Denver metro, the Front Range or our Mountain Communities, getting a stucco inspection specialist to inspect your home can save your tens of thousands of dollars in exterior repairs.

Finding moisture issues in your Colorado home or business

Don’t take chances with your stucco installation, hire a professional to inspect your Colorado home.

What can go wrong with a three coat stucco installation?

  • No moisture barrier. Installing stucco directly on your plywood walls is a serious stucco faux pas and will leave your home vulnerable to severe water damage. The moisture barrier is absolutely essential to the functionality and the durability of your stucco and EIFS.
  • Expansion joints around windows and edges. When your stucco expands and contracts and you have to allow for this when you are installing your stucco. If the expansion joints do not allow for this natural movement of your stucco, your stucco will crack and tear away from your windows, allowing moisture to enter behind the wall and the moisture, rot, mold cycle will quickly take over your home.
  • Not enough stucco. If you apply a too thin layer of stucco, it is vulnerable to cracking.
  • Improperly cured or sealed. With the Colorado weather being unpredictable all year long, it is important for the contractor in charge of the installation give himself time for the materials to dry, cure, and seal. If this step is overlooked or done carelessly, your stucco will start to crack. When stucco cracks (say it with us!) you allow water penetration, rot, and mold!

Don’t take chances with your stucco. Schedule an inspection and avoid costly repairs and moisture issues.