Common Problems with Stucco and EIFS Clad Homes

When we inspect stucco and EIFS homes throughout Colorado, it’s no secret that moisture is one of the most common problems that we come across. And moisture, as we’ve talked about before, is the silent killer of any home. When stucco and EIFS have been properly installed, they will insulate and seal up your home preventing moisture intrusion. But when stucco and EIFS fail, the damage can be enormous and expensive to fix.

new stucco

Poorly installed, old or failing windows and doors can lead to moisture issues in stucco homes and commercial buildings throughout Colorado.

Stucco and EIFS are designed to keep moisture out of your home

Since the design of stucco and EIF systems are specifically designed to keep moisture out of your home, should moisture find it’s way inside, it becomes near impossible for it to escape. Moisture gets trapped inside your walls with detrimental effects.We’ve already talked a lot about the lack of caulking and flashings, but your windows are often a major culprit when it comes to allowing moisture into your home.

moisture intrusion

Leaks and moisture buildup around windows and doors can be a silent killer in any home.

Gaps and cracks in poorly hung windows will allow moisture to penetrate your system. Plus, every house will settle over time, causing windows and doors to lose their seal allowing moisture to enter. Even a little moisture can cause big problems. It can take months for trapped moisture to evaporate, and in those months chances are that more moisture is seeping in, creating an everlasting cycle of moisture trapped in your wall cavity, leading to rotting wood and mold.

Independent and third party Stucco, EIFS and stone inspection specialists in Colorado

Stucco inspection

Swift has the tools and the expertise to inspect your stucco or EIFS systems.

Any cladding, be it stucco, EIFS or stone, is susceptible to moisture issues. The special application and nature of stucco, EIFS and stone claddings makes it difficult to inspect for moisture issues. When it comes to inspecting your Colorado home for moisture or installation problems you want to hire someone who specializes in stucco and has all the right tools!

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