Choosing Between Stucco or EIFS for Your Colorado Home or Business

Record-breaking snow in the Denver metro area, to the Mountain Communities of Colorado, has many homeowners keeping a close eye on their stucco and EIFS cladding systems. It is wet winter conditions that often unveil hidden faults in your cladding systems, causing your exterior to crack, warp, crumble and soak up all the snow that’s piling up around your home.

Stucco home inspection tips before buying

We work alongside realtors, home, and business owners to inspect your stucco or EIFS clad home for faulty installation and moisture damage.

In the name of saving money, may stucco installations have been done using improper techniques, often overlooking steps – like a water barrier – or rushing the process and not allowing materials to dry and adapt properly before moving on to the next phase of the stucco installation. When stucco or EIFS have been improperly installed, water damage, mold, and a weakened envelope will follow and before you know it you’re looking at serious exterior repairs. If a recent inspection has uncovered hidden installation problems and water damage, you could be looking to replace your exterior cladding altogether. At a glance, the two systems look practically identical, so let’s go over the pros and cons of stucco vs. EIFS.

Traditional Stucco Pros and Cons

Stucco is a great armor against moist and wet conditions – as long as it is installed correctly. Traditional stucco is also slightly tougher than the synthetic stucco, and will be more resistant to dings and cracks.

Synthetic stucco (EIFS) pros and cons

Finding moisture issues in your Colorado home or business

Don’t take chances with your stucco installation, hire a professional to inspect your Colorado home.

Regarding insulation and energy efficiency, EIFS come in slightly ahead of the traditional stucco. It is also a softer, more flexible material, so if you want to get a little fancy adding some accents like keystones or other ornate decorations to give your home a touch of style and personality, EIFS is the way to go.

Both stucco and EIFS are fire-resistant, sound resistant and come in just about every color of the rainbow.

Professional stucco and EIFS inspections from Denver metro to Mountain Communities in Colorado

The Swift crew has years of experience inspecting stucco and EIFS for Colorado home and business owners, and we work alongside realtors from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, the Front Range and Mountain Communities (Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge, etc.).