The Advantages of Three Coat Stucco

Happy 4th of July!

Independence day is all about BBQ’s, family, freedom and fireworks. All of this adds up to one great celebration of our nations birthday. But you can’t have a firework show without fire… and unfortunately, each year several homes are damaged due to rogue or illegal fireworks set off on the 4th of July. Fortunately, stucco is an amazing thing and one of the advantages is the fire resistance of three coat stucco.

Rogue and illegal fireworks on July 4th is a common cause of house fires. How fire resistant is your stucco?

Rogue and illegal fireworks on July 4th is a common cause of house fires. How fire resistant is your stucco?

Three coat stucco is available in one hour fire resistance rating assemblies

Fireworks can undoubtedly cause a lot of damage if handled wrong, but when it comes to your three coat stucco cladding system one of the (many) advantages is that it comes in a non-combustible and cone hour fire resistance rating assemblies. This rating is based on severe fires, like those swiftly moving from one home to another. It is unfortunately all too common for people to get overzealous in their celebrations and get their hands on illegal fireworks. These have been known to cause house fires in Colorado neighborhoods that can spread quickly. Hopefully your stucco system has been applied with one-hour fire resistance.



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