Stucco Permits and Requirements in Denver, Colorado

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How hard can it be to repair or replace your siding with stucco or EIFS?

It’s a lot harder than you think! Stucco is a tough, durable, breathable, weather resistant siding for the exterior of your home. There are many advantages to using stucco, but there are just as many disadvantages if that stucco is not applied and installed correctly. If you’re thinking of replacing your existing siding – or repairing existing stucco, make sure that you are using a stucco specialist and that you have all the proper permits and requirements for replacing, repairing or installing stucco on the exterior of your home.

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Make sure you have all the right permits and requirements established by the city of Denver, before you start repairing or replacing the exterior of your home.

Hire a stucco specialist to inspect and install your stucco

Before you start your project there are a few requirements that you need to be aware of that could impact your project. If your property is a landmark structure or in historic landmark districts you’ll need your project to get the approval of the Landmark Preservation staff. Only after a review and approval of your project will permits be issued.

“There are 6,600 buildings in Denver’s 51 historic districts. In addition, Denver has 331 historic landmarks. –

If you don’t live in an historical building or district, you still need to make sure your project follows the proper Denver building codes that are set in place with public safety, health and welfare in mind.

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If your home is a landmark in an historic district of Denver, you must talk to the Landmark Preservation staff about your project

You will also need to make sure you or your general contracting company have the following permits in hand and on site before the project begins. That includes:

  1. Current City of Denver Contractor’s License/Homeowner’s Exam
  2. Landmark Certificate of Appropriateness
  3. Roofing, insulation & exterior wall covering permit

For more on permits and requirements for stucco in Denver, Colorado, visit the official Denver goverment’s site.

Independent Stucco inspection specialist in Denver, Colorado


Providing top of the line complete exterior home inspections of you stucco, EIFS and stone cladding systems throughout Colorado, including Mountain Communities.

The city of Denver may also require that you get an inspection of all your work by an independent stucco specialist before starting your project. Hey, that’s us!! So if you’re thinking of replacing existing siding with stucco or EIFS, or repairing existing stucco or EIFS call us for an unbiased, professional stucco inspection and find out the exact state of your home’s exterior.

If your stucco has been damaged or compromised you could be looking at more serious problems than a simple repair job. And when it comes to stucco, if it hasn’t been installed properly, you can look forward to some serious problems in the future.

Schedule an inspection or call (303) 875-5843 for immediate assistance anywhere in Colorado, including mountain communities.