More Reasons Your Home or Business Has Moisture Issues

Faulty Stucco installations are not always the problem

Stucco has been a popular cladding for homes for centuries. Unfortunately, the more popular it is, the more people see an opportunity to enter an industry and fill a need, and not all of those people are equally equipped or qualified to apply stucco or EIFS cladding correctly. This has lead to years of poor stucco installations and now we’re all starting to pay the price.

The effects of poorly installed stucco are twofold:

  1. It will affect your bank account as replacing your faulty stucco isn’t going to be cheap
  2. It will affect your health as damaged stucco often leads to moisture issues and mold
Get an inspection before buying a Colorado home.

Modern homes are sometimes built too tight, trapping even the smallest amount of moisture.

Causes of moisture damage in your home or business

Poorly installed stucco will allow for moisture penetration, trapping water in your exterior wall cavities and before you realized what has happened you are living in a cocoon of rotting materials and toxic mold.

Of course, stucco is not always at fault. There can be other reasons why your home is allowing for water to penetrate your walls. Replacing old wooden windows with vinyl windows have caused some problems for home and commercial building owners. A wooden window frame will swell with excess moisture in the air, essentially creating a tight seal between your frame and your stucco walls to keep the moisture out. Vinyl windows to not do this, so if your seal around your windows is not air tight, moisture is likely to slip into the tiny cracks.

Some modern or new homes are also being built “too tight”, which won’t allow the home to breathe and any moisture that may get into your walls won’t have a chance to dry out before causing damage.

Colorado exterior stucco inspection specialists

Vinyl windows do not expand with excess moisture in the air, leaving an opening for moisture to penetrate into your wall cavities.

Moisture issues can lead to poor indoor air quality

Mold can cause serious health problems, but in most cases, mold in a home will just render your home unlivable from the poor indoor air quality. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own home. If you are feeling symptoms of discomfort – headaches, sneezing, coughing, throat and eye irritation, nausea, and even dizziness – as when you come home at night, or after a cozy weekend on the couch it may be a good time to check your home for moisture issues.

Colorado stucco inspection specialist

You can look for obvious signs of water damage around your windows, ceilings, attic, and basement. Our expert stucco inspection specialist can give your stucco exterior walls a thorough inspection

If there is a problem, we will find it and give you the best solutions for repairing the damage.