Inspect Your Stone or Manufactured Stone Siding

stone inspections

You can clad your entire home with stone siding, or just use it to accentuate your stucco.

When it comes to the exterior of your home, every homeowner is different. When it comes to choosing a siding, the options are almost as numerous as choosing a color for your walls, especially with new materials hitting the market all the time. Masonry work is no different. Today’s market is saturated with all types of manufactured “stone” designed to be cost effective, enhance your home’s appearance, and diminish your energy consumption. Natural stone and its manufactured counterparts have their differences, but they both have one thing in common: if the installation is faulty, neither will be worth the price you pay.

Natural Stone vs. Manufactured Stone

There is a certain charm to a brick house or a cobblestone cottage, but using natural stone is often quite expensive compared to the manufactured options. The upside to spending the extra money and using natural stone is that once the stone is installed correctly, it will last a lifetime, with little to no maintenance.

Because natural stone is outside of most homeowners’ budgets, manufactured stone veneer siding has become increasingly popular. Not only does it cost less, but it also weighs less and is easier to install than natural stone. When it comes to installing natural stone, a professional contractor is imperative. Unfortunately, not all so-called professional contractors know what they are doing. With manufactured stone, many homeowners make the mistake of thinking they can do the installation themselves, saving an extra buck or two by not hiring a contractor. This is where the problems start: faulty installation.

stone inspections

Schedule an inspection of your stone and stucco before closing on a new Colorado home.


Whether you use natural or manufactured stone, faulty installation is what will get you into trouble every time. This happens mostly when non-professionals take on the installation, but it also happens when professionals cut corners or aren’t as professional as they claim. The result of improper installation of natural and manufactured stone sidings will allow for moisture to enter your home, penetrating doors, windows and any other vulnerable entry points. Before you know it, your home is filled with mold, toxins and allergy-causing bacteria. And the cost of fixing moisture issues will outweigh what you could have spent getting your stone installed by a professional.

Exterior stone and stucco inspections in Colorado

If you are unsure about the installation of your stone or manufactured stone sidings, contact Swift Inspections and schedule an inspection. If there is an issue with faulty installation, like poorly-installed or non-existent drainage and flashing systems, we will find it. If you’re just buying a home, do yourself a favor and schedule an exterior inspection of your home before you purchase. We inspect all residential and commercial buildings in the Front Range and Mountain Communities. We also offer third party inspections.