Colorado Home Inspections in Winter

We’ve talked about the benefits of house hunting in the winter, but with the snow covering most of Colorado and the winter is in full swing, getting a proper exterior home inspection can pose a few problems. You need to be extra vigilant when choosing an inspector if you are buying a home in the dead of winter.

Signs of moisture damage in your Colorado home or business

While winter exterior inspections have a few limitations, you can learn a lot from your home in the winter and how it handles excess moisture.

Inspecting Colorado stucco homes and commercial buildings in winter

Snow can cause a few problems when the inspector comes around. On the other hand, seeing how your home reacts to freezing temperatures, snowfall and additional moisture in the air can also have its advantages. However, when you buy a home in the winter, make sure you are aware of the following limitations to an inspection.

If snow has piled up on the foundation of your home, take a minute to shovel away some snow so that you can inspect the foundation and check for water penetration or damage to your stucco cladding system. Stucco is an all season, durable, weather resistant coating for your home, but you need to make sure that once that snow melts, it’s flowing away from your home, not leaving your foundation and your stucco walls soaking in a big puddle.

Colorado stucco inspection specialists

Swift Inspections have 30+ years of experience inspecting stucco, EIFS and stone cladding systems from the Front Range to Mountain Communities of Colorado.

Stucco inspection specialist for Colorado home and business owners

By hiring stucco experts to inspect your stucco residence or commercial building will ensure that you are getting a thorough inspection of your stucco, EIFS or stone cladding system. Using moisture meters and other tools, we can check to make sure that your stucco is installed correctly using the right materials and providing a tough, moisture-resistant exterior for your home.

Make sure you are with your inspector so you can ask questions, and make sure that the inspection reports accounts for any limitations to the inspection. Not having a proper inspection of your surrounding landscape due to snow coverage, or not being able to run a real test of your AC system, should reflect in the inspection report and can be accounted for in the negotiation process.

We specialize in stucco inspections for private residents, commercial buildings, and work alongside realtors from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, the Front Range and Mountain Communities like Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge and more. We’ve helped potential homeowners across the state of Colorado make smart, informed decisions before closing on their dream home or commercial building.