A Colorado Home Is Better off With Stucco than Vinyl Siding

The first thing that attracts you to a new home is appearance. After you’ve been pulled in by the aesthetics and outward beauty its important to look at what you can expect once you start to dig a little deeper behind the pretty color. Two of the most popular exterior finishing materials you’ll come across are Stucco and Vinyl siding, so let’s compare shall we?

When it comes to Colorado homes, stucco is by far superior to vinyl siding and much more weather resistant and energy efficient.

When it comes to Colorado homes, stucco is by far superior to vinyl siding and much more weather resistant and energy efficient.

Stucco will run circles around vinyl siding

It’s important for every homeowner to be aware of how their house is put together, and the benefits of different types of materials that have been used. When it comes to looks and appearance, both stucco and vinyl come in many varieties, colors, textures, styles and finishes, so as far as making your house look beautiful, both can accommodate even the pickiest of buyers.

When it comes to standing up to the unpredictable Colorado weather, stucco tends to stand its ground better than vinyl siding. Stucco is made up of one seamless material and can resist the wind better than the vinyl, which is made up of many different pieces. Not that vinyl will fly away at the slightest breeze, but if you are comparing the two, stucco comes out ahead in heavy winds.

Stucco is much more resistant to hail, snow and ice than vinyl sidings.

Stucco is much more resistant to hail, snow and ice than vinyl sidings.

Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Denver are smack in the middle of Colorado’s “Hail Alley” and is no strangers to severe hail storms throughout the spring and summer seasons. You need your home exterior materials to be hail resistant, and for that, stucco has superior impact resistance compared to the vinyl sidings. There is really no comparison.

And speaking of natural disaster resistance, stucco also takes home the prize for most fire, snow, ice and rot resistance. Basically, if you’re living in Colorado where we have a little bit of everything, your best bet to keep your Colorado home sound and secure through any type of weather is to look for a home with a good old fashioned stucco exterior. Stucco is not only tougher, longer lasting and durable, but the insulation ability of a stucco exterior will make any stucco home more energy efficient than it’s vinyl counterpart.

What makes stucco difficult is the installation. Vinyl is much easier to install, and most repairs can be taken on by the homeowner. When it comes to stucco, you need a specialist to install it, inspect it and to fix it. No one should take on the installation of stucco without knowing exactly what they are doing. Poor stucco installation is the number one culprit behind water damage and structural damage to your home. Before you buy, know what’s behind the pretty color of your dream home. Call a specialist to take a peek behind the curtain, so to speak.

stone inspections

When installed correctly, stucco is awesome. Unfortunately, improper installation of stucco has left many Colorado homes vulnerable. Schedule an inspection by a stucco specialist before purchasing a new home.

Maintain the integrity of Front Range or Mountain community homes with regular stucco inspections

When it comes to maintenance, stucco does need a little more care and attention than homes with vinyl sidings. However, an annual inspection of your stucco by trained stucco specialists will ensure long lasting performance for nearly half a century. With regular inspections, you’ll stay ahead of minor cracks and potential damage. And if you’re just closing on a home in Colorado, especially in mountain communities where the weather is more erratic, call us to come and inspect your potential new home.

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