Are You Sure That Your Stucco Has Been Properly Installed?

Stucco has been around for ages, and it’s basically just a general term that is used to describe the exterior plaster that is applied to stone or over wood. When applied correctly, stucco is attractive, durable and low-maintenance. The difficult thing is figuring out if your stucco system is installed correctly. Once the system has been put in place and the stucco cladding has been applied, it is completely concealed; making it difficult for anyone to detect faults and poor detailing that could leave your home or business vulnerable to water problems.

Moisture barrier and flashing systems

Kick Out Flashing

Example of kick-out flashing. Diagram taken from HardePlank Installation Instructions

In order for the stucco cladding system to protect your home from water damage and moisture issues there has to be a moisture barrier and flashing system in place, and it must be properly installed. We’ve seen a lot of sloppy stucco work out there by careless installers, and because the mistakes are often hidden deep in the inside of the system, many stucco problems go unnoticed by the owner.

If you are looking to buy a home, talk to a professional stucco inspector about coming out to perform a proper inspection on your stucco system.

Professional stucco inspections can catch mistakes early

If there’s an issue with your stucco system, Swift professionals will find it for you. If the issue is caught early enough, we might not even have to remove the stucco to fix it. However, a poorly installed stucco system often times will require the removal of a large surface area to get to the root of the problem. If a problem has been building up for a long time allowing in moisture and water; you could be looking at a complete tear off. Once mold and bacteria have started to build up, your stucco and walls may be needing some costly repairs. Schedule an inspection today and let us take a look.

Exterior insulation finishing system

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Stucco Inspections for the Front Range and Mountain Communities

Do you know if water has been building up in your walls? Probably not for sure, which is why we recommend that any new homeowner or potential buyer contact a stucco specialist to perform a professional and comprehensive inspection of the home’s stucco systemSwift Inspections, Inc. specializes in exterior inspections for residential and commercial buildings, including new construction and third party inspections. With over 30 years of experience serving the Front Range and Mountain Communities of Colorado, we can help catch the problem before it gets too costly to repair. Call Swift today and set up an inspection!