3 Reasons for Getting an Inspection Before Closing

How many times do you have to hear horror stories of people buying a home, only to discover that it is rotting from the inside and the air is toxic with mold? This is exactly what can happen when you don’t schedule your own exterior inspection before closing.

Colorado stucco inspection specialists

Have your stucco inspected by a stucco inspection specialist before closing on a new home.

Water penetration is the worst fear for any home or building owner, but there are a few other reasons to get an inspection. Safety for yourself and others should be your number one priority. To make sure that your home is safe, you need an expert to find out if there are any structural damages to your home.

Inspect your home for structural flaws

Not only are structural flaws dangerous, but they can also be difficult to repair. Sometimes, repairing structural damages will require major reconstruction. This can be expensive, and leave you homeless for a while the repairs are being made.

Inspect your building for code violations

Making sure that your building is up to code is another reason for an inspection. If for no other reason than to know up front and go into the purchase with open eyes knowing exactly what you will need to spend to bring the building back up to code.

Colorado exterior stucco inspection specialists

Inspect for water penetration and installation flaws in your stucco siding.

Inspect your home for faulty wiring

Bad wiring and electrical systems can also be a major expense. No building or homeowner want to go to sleep at night knowing that the system is faulty and could cause an electrical fire at any moment.

Exterior stucco inspection specialists Colorado

An inspection gives you peace of mind, and it allows you to make an informed decision. Purchasing a home or a building is a huge investment and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The worst case scenario is that the inspector finds major problems. But, wouldn’t you rather know than be surprised later? Or, risk someone getting seriously hurt? If you’re going to make a big investment, you should know what repairs are waiting for you once you buy, or you can use the inspection report to renegotiate a better price. Either way, you’ll never regret an inspection.

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