Your Vacation Home is a Breeding Ground for Mold

While you’re not staying in you summer house another intruder is getting mighty comfortable and taking over by the hour. You’ve guessed it: MOLD! Any home that spends most of it’s time being closed up essentially becomes a breeding ground for mold to thrive.

Vacation homes near the water

Colorado vacation home near body of water

If your Colorado vacation home is near a body of water, make sure to give it a regular inspection to make sure it isn’t damaged by moisture .

Most vacation homes can be found near water. Lakes, rivers or just a little humidity is enough to spark the growth of mold. A sure sign that your vacation home is housing toxic mold is that musty smell that meets you every time you open doors, closets or cabinets for the first time. That’s not just the smell of a home that hasn’t been aired out, it’s the smell of mold growing in your walls, ceiling, floors, crawlspaces, etc.

The problem with mold is that it exists practically everywhere all the time. It’s just laying in wait, ready to grow and spread as soon as it gets a little food and water. If you’re lucky, turning on the AC is enough to dry out your home and getting rid of the smell, but the mold is still lurking all around you.

Inspect your second home for any moisture problems

If you are the proud owner of a vacation home, make sure you give your property regular inspections to make sure that you don’t have serious moisture issues that can severely damage your home and cause health problems to all inhabitants, renters or visitors. A long, cold, rough winter or one of Colorado’s famous hail storms could have caused damage to your stucco, EIFS, windows, etc. leading to moisture intrusion and a toxic home.

The only way of knowing if your summer home is taking in water and breeding mold is to inspect it. A professional exterior inspection by a professional can helo you get to the root of the problem and avoid deeper and more costly moisture issues in the future. 

why vacation homes have moisture problems

Plan ahead and don’t let anything ruin your vacations so you can enjoy doing what you love most