Why Stucco Should NOT Be Painted

Stucco needs to breathe

Stucco is a breathable material, and it should remain breathable, so stucco should never be painted, however it can be re-coated with a stucco material without the aggregate. When stucco is painted, the material loses it’s ability to breathe, moisture gets trapped inside and can not evaporate, this will not only cause the paint to chip, bubble and peel, it can cause serious moisture problems in your home. When water is trapped inside your stucco because it has been painted, you get the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria and mold. Great for moisture, terrible for you as the homeowner.

When Stucco is correctly installed, a waterproof membrane is placed to help protect your interior walls. Trapped moisture causes that protective membrane to deteriorate and rot so that moisture enters your home through walls. At Swift Inspections we have top-of-the line technology to help you detect moisture problems behind the stucco system.

Exterior insulation finishing system

How to correctly color Stucco

Once Stucco has been correctly installed, the final process includes coating. The proper coloring of stucco is attained by pigmenting the final coat. Coating must always preserve the breathability of Stucco. If you just bought a house or are thinking of buying, you need to know if the Stucco coloring was done correctly, so give us a call! Our inspections can save you lots of headaches in the future. We can tell you what needs to be done and how much it should cost. If you just finished your new stucco system and need a third party inspection, we can do that too!

Stucco, EIFS and Stone Inspections in Colorado

Need to know if your stucco walls in Colorado have been correctly installed? You don’t have to know it all, you just need to know who to call. In Colorado, we’re your best option for all types of exterior inspections including EIFS, Stucco and Stone. To make the wisest buying and selling decisions you need specialized and experienced people by your side, and our 30+ years in the field are at your service. We service the entire state of Colorado including Mountain Communities.