Mold on Your Exterior Stucco Walls

Even though stucco is naturally mold resistant, under the right circumstances mold will find a way to grow on just about anything. Typically, when mold attacks your stucco it tends to stay on the surface. Make sure to clean off any exterior mold before more serious damage occurs and it starts to find its way into your walls.

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Clean your exterior stucco walls and avoid moisture and mold growth.

Mold growing on the outside of your home

In order for mold to grow on your stucco it needs to have moisture and food. Even though Colorado is relatively “dry”, there are times when the Front Range and Eastern plains will experience increased humidity in the summer months, leaving your home consistently “moist”. Moisture, along with dirt buildup creates the perfect environment for mold.

If it’s just a matter of exterior mold on your stucco, simply give it a good clean like we talked about last week. But, mold on your stucco could also mean more than just a few humid summer days, it could mean compromised stucco.

Stucco inspection

Swift has the tools and the expertise to inspect your exterior stucco or EIFS systems.

  • Excessive ground water caused by heavy rains can cause mold damage along the bottom of your stucco wall
  • Improper flashing around the roof can cause mold to build up along the top of your stucco walls or
  • Serious water damage causing water to build up inside your walls requiring major re-construction by a professional stucco expert

Independent Stucco inspection specialist in Denver, Colorado

Extreme Colorado weather like heavy rains or hail can cause damage to your stucco. If you don’t take care of the problem fast you could be looking at more serious and enpensive problems than a simple repair job. Mold grows and spreads quickly, so if you detect mold on the exterior of your home, contact a stucco inspection specialist and get to the root of the problem.

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