Inspect Your Fix-Me-Up Home Before Buying

There are plenty of reasons to buy a fix me upper. You’ll often get a great deal, and you’ll find a home that has all the rustic charm of an old home, as well as being able to put your aesthetics and personality into fixing it up and making it exactly as you’ve always imagined. Before you go dropping your hard earned cash on an old home, find an inspector you trust and make sure you’re not buying more than you bargained for.

Get an inspection before buying a Colorado home.

Cracks in the foundation or your cladding could spell trouble for your dream home. Get an inspection and make an informed home purchase.

It’s wonderful that you can look at a worn down and dilapidated home and only see the potential. But while you are fantasizing about installing new cabinets and repainting the trim, or exposing hardwood floors under moldy shag carpeting, find a home inspection expert that you trust to give you the real lowdown on the state of your home.

An inspector will uncover hidden damage and expenses you may not be prepared to take on, and the realtor is working for the sellers and might hold back on the truth. An inspection will tell you how much you if this is a home that will need a lot of reconstruction that are beyond the skills of a layman, as well as all the little projects that you can take on yourself. Finding moisture issues anywhere in your home, from the foundation to the cladding to the roofing system is a bad sign. You should be aware that this will be a costly repair project, and you will need to hire a general contractor and reconstruction company to repair your home.

Get an inspection before buying a Colorado home.

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Old and work wiring and electrical systems could use a complete overhaul. You may be able to fix a few wonky switches, but rewiring an old home will need a professional electrician.

Whatever you choose to do, the inspection will help you can make an informed decision!