Clean Your Windows and Let the Sunshine In

Windows are awesome. The more windows, the more sunlight will fill our home, office or commercial space, and the happier the occupants will be. Sunlight makes people happy. But there’s nothing worse that having to look out of stained and dirty windows. So, we thought we’d give you a few tips to giving your windows a good cleaning so you can fill your space with sunlight.

Tips to cleaning your windows

Exterior insulation finishing system

Avoid cleaning your windows on a hot, sunny day. Spend that day with your family lounging in the garden or take a trip to the park. If it’s too hot, everything will dry too quickly and you’ll be left with annoying streaks. Of course, you also want to avoid a rainy day, or a day right before rain has been predicted. This may be a futile exercise here in Colorado, especially as we’re nearing fall, but find a time with a few dry days and get ready to wash those windows.

When you’re cleaning from the inside, take the time to remove everything from the window sills and take measures to protect your walls and your floor. The last thing you want is to cause moisture damage from water spilling and gathering on your floors. Remember, it takes very little time and very little moisture for mold to begin to grow.

Now you’re ready to wash. Skip the expensive store bought solutions. All you really need is:

    • a bucket
    • dish soap
    • vinegar
    • a squeegee
    • a clean, dry cloth (or paper towel)
Stucco inspection

Make sure you always hire experts to inspect your home, window, exterior stucco or EIFS systems.

If your windows are greasy and grimy with build-up and dirt, some white vinegar will cut right through and leave your windows shiny.

Work your windows in sections. Wash, squeegee, wipe, and move on to the next section. The more methodically you wash and wipe, the less likely you are to get streaks.

If you’re the type to use newspaper instead of a cloth or paper towels, do a quick test first. Some ink will streak and bleed more than others and you don’t want to counteract all your hard work.

Of course, you can always hire a professional and spend the day doing something you really love to do. Either way, crystal clear and clean windows will brighten up your entire home.

If you’re cleaning your windows and you notice cracks and bulges or the window is having a hard time opening and closing, you could be looking at moisture issues due to improper flashing and/or faulty window installation.